Frequently Asked Questions

MENORAH is a brand that stands for quality products at value pricing. We are the only manufacturer to exclusively use eco friendly wood free paper for our products. We use state of the art European machinery in our processes. Our employees are paid fair wages and are provided with a clean, healthy and invigorating environment to work in. To sum it up, with MENORAH you get a eco friendly, high quality product made paying fair wages at a value price. What more could one ask for?

Why are MENORAH’s certification so important ?
The various quality and environmental certifications that MENORAH boasts of are not just bragging rights. They show our unparalleled commitment to safe guarding our environment, treating fellow human beings with equal respect by paying fair wages and our dedication to provide users with a quality product they could be proud of. 

Why does not MENORAH offer perfect bound notebooks ?
The method of binding utilised in a product is based on applicability. Perfect binding as the name claims is far from being perfect. The right name is hot melt glued notebooks. They are an inferior binding process utilised for manufacturing magazines with extremely short lives. They are inappropriate for notebooks where the average life is around 9 months. 

What are the sizes and ruling configurations that MENORAH offers its products ?
To know more about our sizing and ruling configurations please visit our Sizings and Rulings page.

Are MENORAH products available in brick and mortar stores?
Yes. MENORAH is available with all leading stationery stores across India. To know the store closes to you, please call +91 999 4874 222 or email

Does MENORAH customise their products ?
Yes. We do offer custom solutions for educational institutions and for corporations. To know more about our product offerings and to schedule a meeting please call +91 999 4874 222 or email

Do you ship internationally ?
Currently only custom orders are shipped internationally. 

How do I return or get refund on a purchase?
All returns and refunds are dealt as per our Returns and Refunds Policy. Visit the page to know more. 

I am interested to become a distributor or super stockist of MENORAH.
We would be glad to invite you to join us. Please drop a mail to or call + 91 999 4874 222 and our team would help you with it.